Creating a smart lock on the ARK blockchain while developing IoT infrastructure.

The Goal

The main goal of this project is to make the ARK blockchain more accessible to IoT devices. With a growing amount of ARK libraries avaliable for all the popular languages it is still difficult to start an IoT project that interacts with the ARK blockchain. Therefore, I decided to create the first IoT based project to highlight the difficulties and create infrastructure along the way to make it easier for others.

The Plan

I decided to make a smart lock. A lock that will monitor the blockchain for commands on what it should be doing and also use the blockchain to create a public record of ownership and activity.


There are three sections to this project, the user facing software, the software running the lock, and the hardware itself. Below i have written down what I think are the minimal working requirements for this project to be a success.

User Software

Mobile app / Webpage

  • Be able to identify a new hardware lock by using it’s assigned address
  • Can add or relate accounts that are allowed to operate the lock
  • Can display interactions with the lock

Lock Software

Running on ARM host or Arduino itself

  • Able to operate the hardware when an approved address sends a transaction to it
  • Identifies the action (lock/unlock) via the vendor field

Lock Hardware

Servo operating deadbolt assembly

  • Be able to control a pre-existing deadbolt assembly
  • Independently powered and able to connect to the internet in a small footprint
  • Create a latch to control the deadbolt

Flow Diagram

How I imagine the lock operating

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