In this article I’ll be documenting the process of choosing and constructing hardware to use for my ARK Lock project.

What is ARK Lock?

The ARK-Lock project is an effort to use the ARK blockchain to manage a smart deadbolt lock. To see some explanation in to why this is being attempted and high level design visit the ARK-LockDesign article.

Major Hardware Required

  • Processing Unit: Raspberry Pi / Arduino This could really be anything with wifi and pwm support as the lock module will need to be able to send HTTP requests and then use the response to control a servo

  • Hardware to support RFID Some chip to support RFID. Most likely a PN532 NFC/RFID Controller

  • Hardware to support WIFI It’s ideal to have wifi as this lock wouldn’t look great with an ethernet cable attached to it but this does make the setup process more complex

  • Physical deadbolt and door assembly I plan on constructing a small demo-door with the lock and hardware attached. You can follow the build in the SmartLock Demo Door Build article

  • Servo to control deadbolt mechanism

  • Enclosure for Lock

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