I have wanted to make a blog for some time now but always decided not to because I couldn’t find a simple, efficient, and productive technology stack to support it. I looked into the usual: Medium, Wordpress, Wix, etc and found them all to be too heavyweight for my application. What I really wanted was a simple blog with no comments, no share buttons, no special formatting. Just text and images with no distractions. I needed to create an immersive environment for my reader.

One online blogging system I really like is Medium. I think Medium has really eye-catching blog posts due to the way the words are placed and the fonts that are used. I think these features have greatly contributed to the success of Medium in the past few years. The style of my blog is very similar to Medium, except it doesn’t have any extra social media style functions.

A major goal I set for this blog was to minimize the amount of non-content related links on the page. I use vim bindings in my browser to navigate webpages instead of using the mouse so when a page has too many links it becomes really annoying to use. On this blog if you try exposing the links, there will be very few that are not directly related to the article. This keeps vim linking very simple and easy to follow.

An article on Medium

Personally, I am very easily distracted, so when reading a blog post with many other elements on the sides I find it hard to focus and absorb the content I’m reading. For example, above you can see one of Medium’s mistakes. When you are reading an article on Medium there will always be this floating social media sharing column. I don’t think readers need rapid fire access to share an article so this is a waste of space.

This blog is designed with the latest technologies to ensure extremely fast load times and efficent rendering. The website is hosted on GitHub Pages and uses Jekyll to organize the blog. The blog uses Google’s AMP project (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to achieve ridiculously fast load times. This makes sure that readers do not get frustrated with slow webpages while trying to read my content even if they are using a slow mobile connection. All elements of this website are optimized to be used on any size of screen, the site works well on mobile phones and large desktop displays.

Gurpreet Singh

I was born to write good code.

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